Friday, November 16, 2007

Back on track!

That's right! Double Shot is back and staying here as a Fatal Frame news blog for all fans. And we have news!

Fatal Frame 4 coming to WII!
As maybe many fans already know, then a Fatal Frame 4 will be released on WII. Emi of Beyond the Camera's Lens could finally break the news out, as it finally got announced on the internet.
The team of Fatal Frame will be working with Suda51 and his people at the Grasshopper. First after releasing another game, No More Heros, will they have time to work on Fatal Frame 4.
Sadly, we dont have any information yet, if Fatal Frame 4 should come to other consoles (PS3, Xbox360).

There will be more news as soon as we know more! :)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Double Shot moving!

Double Shot is moving!
Double Shot will get a new and much more better site with information, gallery, media and much more about the Fatal Frame/Project Zero series!
The new link will be posted this weekend! ^_^

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Still alive

Double Shot has been down in the past weeks, and I'm sorry about that.
The reasons is that there hasn't been any big news about the Fatal Frame games. TGS (Tokyo Game Show) wasn't having big news for a Fatal Frame 4. The only Fatal Frame news is that in a new WII game, Super Swing Golf, Miku Hinasaki has been found!

Read more on Beyond the Camera's Lens.

Double Shot will get a make over!

Later today Double Shot will get a make over. The site will might move as well, but I will post a link later. Finally, I have been thinking making Double Shot as a real Fatal Frame news site about Fatal Frame series, Fatal Frame sites, Fatal Frame fansites and any kind of updates and news about Fatal Frame. Double Shot will also get a small gallery and we might also have reviews and more! It will be bigger and more easy! Look forward to it! ;D

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Zero 4D closed, more movie rumors?

Zero 4D park closed!
The Fatal Frame 2 amusement park has been closed. If you don't know, what Zero 4D is, take a look here.
The website is still up though. But there isn't much to see.

Many thanks to Beyond the Camera's Lens for this!

Courtney Webb won't play Miku?
As cameraslens wrote: "Maybe good news or bad news (depending on if you liked the actress or not)."
But according to Amazingly Courtney Webb Courtney has change casting agencies.
Regardez tells that, her new agency has decided not to push her towards a role in the Fatal Frame movie. Instead the agency want the actress focus on four upcoming voice acting roles for VGs and various animes.
If that is true, then we need to wait longer to see the true cast.

Another thanks for BCL and Amazingly Courtney Webb!

FrameZero updated!

The awesome Fatal Frame cosplay site has updated with a new amazing layout!
If you like Fatal Frame cosplays this site would be amazing for you. Wil has done alot of great work to make this site!

Check it out yourself and find out!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Zero 3 website updating again!

Melody of Tecmo is back!

'The Melody of Tecmo cellphone service has been around for a while, but it was called something else until recently when it was renamed. The phone service allows users to download songs & sounds from their favourite Tecmo video games, as well as phone backgrounds etc. The service is not limited to the Fatal Frame series, as Dead or Alive, Tokobot, Gallop Racer, & Monster Rancher 5 are also supported on the service.'
( -Taking from Beyond The Camera's Lens. )

This can still not be done in US or Europe. Only in Japan those it work.
Go and check it out here!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Head's up

Movie status:

The latste new was that Courtney Webb was telling us, how big fan she was for the Fatal Frame games. She is still rumoured to be Miku Hinasaki, but people starts to worry, if there is going to be a Fatal Frame movie. Just keep hope up!

Fatal Frame 4: Coming or not?

We haven't new rumours about the 'upcoming' game yet. Although that Kikuchi-san (the creator of the Fatal Frame games) has told that he was very inspired by the new Nintendo's Wii system.
Wii is one of the newste game controller. It seems very famous in Japan already.

No Fatal Frame 3 for xbox?

The reason could be because of Xbox306 and Wii.
Now, since the new Xbox and Wii is the lastste controller you can buy now, games creators want to make games for it.
So if you ask me personal I think, if Fatal Frame 3 will come to xbox, it will be for xbox360.
Still, we want a xbox version!

Fatal Frame 1 remake?

I got a few emails about this. Right now, I can't say anything about Fatal Frame 1, besides it's the first Fatal Frame game, of course.
Fatal Frame 1 'REMAKE' and Fatal Frame 4 is only rumours.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Susan Regar from BCL's forum just posted out that Courtnet Webb is talking about Fatal Frame.

This is the first time, Courtney Webb herself has spoken how about Fatal Frame, the movie she is rumored to star in. In the UK, Courtney Webb appeared Sci-Fi Honor Movie Conference in London but while she was there to chat about Siren, many fans had picked up on the fact she was rumored to be playing Miku in the up-coming adaption. Courtney had a few words to say about this topic,

"I'm a huge fan of Project Zero I have all three games, I'm a videogame obsessive! (laughs) They are really scary so when I heard it was going to become a movie, I was like "ding ding" to my agent and saying you got a get me a role in this movie, I don't care if its to be killed in the first thirty seconds but the producers have got my stuff so its only a matter of time before I know for sure."

Sci Fi Events has more details of upcoming Sci Fi conventions and conferences and Courtney has been asked to take part at the London Expo.

Many thanks for Susan for posting this on BCL! It's still rumors, if she is going to be Miku. But it does look a bit promising. :)